Rozanne Santuccio, Senior Project Manager

Our current Spotlight features Senior Project Manager Rozanne Santuccio. Rozanne works to gather and package the various application criteria needed for HUD to review our clients’ FHA loan applications. This requires her to efficiently track and coordinate the exchange of information between Rockport Mortgage’s team of underwriters and the client to ensure that nothing is missing for a seamless underwriting process.

Q. How did you get started at Rockport Mortgage?

A. It was very random! A colleague here at Rockport Mortgage was going on maternity leave, and I was in-between jobs at the time. Given my prior work experience as a project manager, I was suggested as a temporary fill-in. The ten weeks flew by! As I was saying my goodbyes, the management team asked if I would consider staying if they created a new position for me. The business was growing and management wanted someone who could hit the ground running and knew how our office worked. Basically, I was in the right place at the right time. June 1st of this year will mark my 16th anniversary at Rockport Mortgage!

Q. What do you do specifically as a project manager to keep everything moving forward?

A. A major part of my role as Senior Project Manager is to be a liaison with the borrower’s internal team. This involves the creation and active management of a timeline for the delivery of information between the parties. Part of that process is understanding what the timing expectations are for the closing of the loan and keeping all the parties informed as to any outstanding pieces of required information. Naturally, as information comes in, it is reviewed to make sure that it is accurate and complete.

Being able to communicate effectively with both internal and external parties is essential in this role. Also, having an in-depth understanding of the loan underwriting process, and knowing HUD’s current processes and procedures, are critical to me being successful in my job.

Q. How did your former work experience help you in this role?

A. As a project manager, I brought an understanding of how software can be used to effectively monitor and report on the status of multiple projects at any given time. I also knew how to work effectively with others in a fast-paced, dynamic office setting.

Q. What are the top three skills that are most important for you to do your job?

A. I would say communication (building rapport with our clients), organization and time management.

Q. What are some of the things that you like most about working at Rockport Mortgage?

A. I love knowing that the work we do ultimately has a positive impact on people’s lives. And by that I don’t just mean the owners of the properties. The vast majority of the loans we provide fund property (unit) improvements. This has a direct, positive impact on tenants lives. Being able to use my skills to communicate the loan process to clients and help them understand how it works is extremely satisfying. For some of our clients a property refinancing can be an infrequent add-on to an already full workload. Whatever I can do to make the process easier and less stressful for the client is what I truly enjoy. I am lucky to work with such amazing colleagues – everybody buckles down and pitches in when the workload is heavy and no one has ever said, “I’m too busy to help you.” That’s something I truly appreciate.

Q. If you weren’t at Rockport Mortgage, what would you be doing?

A. I’m going to be 62 this year, and thoughts of retirement or semi-retirement come into play. I would probably like to volunteer at the local schools or at my church. I love being outside and I love working out, so I’d probably continue to improve my new passion for swimming. My husband, myself and our children love the beaches here in Gloucester and enjoy boating so more time on both, with them, would be wonderful.

Q. What is the last movie you’ve seen?

A. Frozen 2 with my granddaughters! It was awesome! If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list!

Q. What’s the most recent book you’ve read, assuming you have time to fit that in?

A. I do. I keep a book on my nightstand. I like to read autobiographies, especially about women. I did read the Sally Field biography In Pieces. She talks about how lonely she was as a child and how she found her voice as a daughter and a mother. She’s always been one of my favorite actresses.